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A Practical Home…

Hello! Thanks for stoping by A Practical Home. I created this space to share my passion for cottage witchery and pagan beliefs. A home is so much more than a few walls and paint – it’s very much alive and filled with energy. 

What is a Cottage Witch? Simply put, it’s someone who practices magick that focuses on hearth and home. A bit of kitchen magick, a pinch of garden magick and a whole mess of creating a positive, happy and protected home.

A lot of time and care can go into maintaining a home and it’s a practice I’m deeply connected to. I feel I’m at my most centered and powerful when I cook meals with intention, coordinate my home with color magick, or brew a healing cup of tea.

I have a lot planned for the future include reading lists, recipes, cleansing techniques and sharing bits of seasonal changes on the Plains. This space is intended to be enjoyed with a warm beverage or snack.

Stay witchy,

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