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September Read List

I’ve really been trying to get through my huge unread pile of books. Somehow, I’ve managed to make little bit of progress and thought I would share my reads for the month. Keep in mind, I’m not book reviewer, but I think it’s unfair to drop a bunch of titles without sharing the high and low points.

Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst
Magical Housekeeping was a quick read that I liked for the most part. I did feel that the book gendered witches as women and was not representative of men and non-binary practitioners. True, the book was written a number of years ago, but it has had some updates recently and I’m sad to see that wasn’t a part of the revision.

Also, I did take issue with the lack of caution in some sections. Notably: crystal care. In a section regarding crystal usage in the house there are suggestions for cleansing crystals in sunlight and water, yet the reader is not clued in to the fact that some crystals will fade in sun, and some are water soluble and should not be cleansed in that manner. There’s also the topic of crystal elixirs that do not advise you to avoid malachite + water, even though malachite is a recommended crystal to use in your practice.

Rating: 5/10

A Gift of Herbs by Peg Streep
I inherited this sweet little book from my Mother-in-law who passed away in 2019. It’s a cute little reference book that covers a surprising number of herbs. Each herbal reference includes some historical facts, religious and pagan uses and most contain medicinal purposes. It’s a great pocket reference guide when herb shopping or visiting a garden center.

Rating: 8/10

Six Ways by Aidan Watcher
For the most part, I enjoyed six ways. Sometimes I have difficulty following an author’s writing style and I found this with Aidan Watcher. A few of the chapters felt repetitive, but I think that’s also because of the writing style.

Rating: 7/10

Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials: Mabon (2021 re-read)
I try to revisit these little books each year as they are filled with delicious recipes, family-friendly crafting ideas and lore that is fun to share.

Rating: 9/10

HausMagick by Erica Feldmann
HausMagick is a super quick read, full of beautiful design photos and inspiration. I enjoyed the blending of interior design with witchy practices and found some useful tips scattered throughout. The book also contains other contributors than just Erica Feldmann and it was enjoyable to read different viewpoints together.

Rating: 9/10

Until next time! Bu-Bye!

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