009 Manifestation, Vision Boards and Goals

2022 is almost here! Instead of focusing on those resolutions that we’ll never stick to (goodbye my gym goals of 2021) let’s focus on the power of manifestation and setting those witchy goals for the new year. I talk vision boards, using planners and journals for goal keeping and pulling a tarot card of the year. Put on your party hat and your fancy party attire and let’s ring in 2022 witchy goodness.

Mentioned in this episode:
Daily Magic – Judika Illes
The Hearth Witch’s Year – Anna Franklin
The Witch’s Planner 2022
The Busy Witch’s Planner 2022 (now called the Hectic Witch’s Planner 2022)
Biddy Tarot

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Until next time (and next year), bu-bye!

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