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Beating Energy Clutter

I’m always hoping that one day someone will invent a magic button that will keep my house clean and free of dust and clutter. Sadly, that day will likely never come. Therefore, we must diligently fight the good fight against dust bunnies and cobwebs. The same can be said for stale and negative energy. One home clearing will not keep unwanted energies out of the home permanently and we’ll have to perform some kind of task periodically.

As opposed to a full cleansing each month (or possibly in addition to), tools can be scattered around the home to fight energy build up:

  • Bells on doors – whenever a door is opened the bell will chime adding a bit of sound cleansing to the room.
  • Wind chimes – Typically you’d keep these outdoors where the wind and shake them around. These can also be added over floor and baseboard vents for indoor sound cleansing. I have found that one vent is usually enough to blow the chime around.
  • Cleansing crystals – Crystals like selenite, tourmaline, clear quartz and amethyst are great to place in the home for “freshness”. Add selenite to your windowsills, tourmaline to your office space, and amethyst to your bedside table for cleansing properties and to represent new beginnings.
  • Salt bowls – Salt naturally absorbs and cleanses a space of built up energy. Keeping salt bowls in high traffic areas can help with absorption. Just be sure to replace the salt every so often.
  • Running water – Running water from a fountain or even a pet watering bowl or fishtanks and water cleanse a space with ease. Water promotes tranquility and can help keep negative feelings low in those spaces.
  • Plants – All plants have room cleansing properties, though some may be better at it than others. Keep a few plants in high traffic areas to breathe “fresh air” into a space.

What are your favorite ways to keep energy from building up?

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Until next time, bu-bye!
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