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Simmer Pot Recipes

I've mentioned on the podcast that I really have a deep love for simmer pots to cleanse, protect and in general add aromatherapy to the home. My Sunday afternoons always feel so empty when i don’t set a pot on the stove after lunch. I’ve mentioned a few scent combos on the podcast, but wanted… Continue reading Simmer Pot Recipes


006 Houseplants, Parenting & Rants

Let's talk plants! Houseplants are great to incorporate into magical practices and are the perfect companion for someone practicing home magic. I also chat over tea about feelings I'm having regarding pagan parenting and seasonal stresses. Grab a warm drink, get cozy and hang out for a while. Mentioned in the episode:Success With Houseplants (OG… Continue reading 006 Houseplants, Parenting & Rants


005 Almanacs & Planners

I'm sure you can tell how excited I am about Almanacs and Planners for the year ahead. Yes, I am that planner nerd. If you are too, this one is for you. Let's jump into some of the almanacs and planners I've picked up this year and what they contain. Mentioned this episode:The Old Farmer's… Continue reading 005 Almanacs & Planners


004 A Witchy Spice Cabinet

This episode dives into my Top 10 herbs and spices that I recommend for anyone, for both culinary and magical purposes. Mentioned or used in this episode:Mountain Rose HerbsGreen Witch Oracle DeckTamed Wild Wild Medicine Herbal DeckA Gift of HerbsThe Green WitchCunningham's Encyclopedia or Magical HerbsHedgewitch IG @apracticalhomepodcast Twitter @apracticalhome