009 Manifestation, Vision Boards and Goals

2022 is almost here! Instead of focusing on those resolutions that we'll never stick to (goodbye my gym goals of 2021) let's focus on the power of manifestation and setting those witchy goals for the new year. I talk vision boards, using planners and journals for goal keeping and pulling a tarot card of the… Continue reading 009 Manifestation, Vision Boards and Goals


008 Managing A Magickal Home

Budgeting, cleaning and updating a family calendar is rarely a fun job for anyone. So why not throw a little magic on it to keep it interesting?! This episode discusses how to ask the universe to assist in getting those bills paid, witchy meal planning and cleaning schedules and manifesting goals for your family. Let's… Continue reading 008 Managing A Magickal Home


007 Book Faves and Yule Crafting

It's time to accept that autumn is passing through and Yule season is nearly in full swing! I was inspired by so many year-end wrap up posts in IG that I wanted to share my favorite books I marked off my #tbr list this year. This episode also covers a number of DIY Yule decorations… Continue reading 007 Book Faves and Yule Crafting

Reading List

October Read List

A little belated, but I wanted to share a quick post regarding the few books I managed to finish in October. Last month was incredibly busy and I wasn't able to dedicate nearly the time I wanted for reading. Alas, I did manage to wrap up three books on my list. First on my list… Continue reading October Read List

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Simmer Pot Recipes

I've mentioned on the podcast that I really have a deep love for simmer pots to cleanse, protect and in general add aromatherapy to the home. My Sunday afternoons always feel so empty when i don’t set a pot on the stove after lunch. I’ve mentioned a few scent combos on the podcast, but wanted… Continue reading Simmer Pot Recipes