018 Morning Rituals, Working in the Greenhouse

This week is a little different. Join me from the greenhouse at night while I repot plants and chat about morning rituals I'm incorporating into my life. This format was really fun and I hope to do more chats like this in the future! What morning rituals are you working on? Mentioned in this episode:… Continue reading 018 Morning Rituals, Working in the Greenhouse


017 Ornithomancy & Birthday Magic

In this episode we are exploring Ornithomancy, divination with birds and bird behaviors. As I fall down he rabbit hole of becoming a full on bird lady, this topic has really peaked my interest and I hope yours too! I also cover a bit of birthday magic and the lore behind some of those common… Continue reading 017 Ornithomancy & Birthday Magic


016 Ostara & Books for a Spring Reset

Greetings, everyone! We're edging closer to Ostara and I'm so excited to welcome the fresh air and green everything back into our lives. This episode includes a chat about my Ostara plans, and a few books that I leaned on to keep me going during the tough winter slump. Grab a warm beverage, a snuggle… Continue reading 016 Ostara & Books for a Spring Reset


015 Late Winter Magic

Today we're chatting about those last days of winter magic that we have left in 2023. This is a very special time of rebirth and starting new projects. I love starting new plans, and this year is no exception! I have a ton of new garden plans that I share in this episode, and will… Continue reading 015 Late Winter Magic

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Cookbook Collection

I don't know when I decided I wanted a curated collection of cookbooks, but that's what I'm about these days. Since I graduated high school and set out on my own, I've been collecting a myriad of gifted and impulsively purchased cookbooks. When I got my first apartment, my mother gave me a copy of… Continue reading Cookbook Collection